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Give Me the Pieces

The summer before my junior year of high school, I experienced my first ever heartbreak. The guy I had been dating for a while broke up with me, and I was completely devastated. I was a complete wreck after it happened. Not going to go into all of it, but let’s just say that sixteen year old Krystal was extremely overdramatic and there was a lot of crying. I never would forget what my sister said to me one day after I had my latest crash of waterworks. She wasn’t trying to be super spiritual when she said it, and she probably got it off a cheesy quote website, but she said, “Krystal, God can heal the broken hearted. You just have to give all the pieces.”

I never knew how much that would mean to me even now way after she said them, and not just about stupid high school breakups.

The truth is ever since I can remember (even long before high school guy broke up with me), I have struggled with what I call broken-heartedness. For the most part, I am a pretty happy and optimistic person. However, sometimes I struggle with poor self-esteem. Sometimes I wake up and can’t look into a mirror because I hate the person that is looking back at me. Sometimes I don’t feel like getting out of bed. Sometimes I feel useless. Ugly. Broken.

But God offers healing. True healing. God is the only one who can truly heal us and bind up our wounds (Psalm 147:3).

However, we must first learn to give him all the pieces. Yes, God can heal us and do great things in our brokenness, but we have to first give him all of our pieces. We have to give him all of us, every part, even the most shattered.

Below, is something I wrote a few weeks ago. I meant for it to be a spoken word poem (that’s why the formatting is off), and I hope you enjoy it. This is Pieces.


My heart, once pure and whole,

is now bruised and beat up.

It lays wounded, defeated, shattered on the floor

in a million tiny pieces.

Some of these scars are self-inflicted;

some were carved by those thought to be a friend.

I am broken.

You can be healed, a voice whispers, but I’m  too

dumb, too stupid and occupied in my own ability,

my own way to listen.

I desperately try to pick up the pieces, to fix my brokenness

only to have my heart crushed and shattered again.

I can heal you, the voice whispers again.

But I still ignore it. Ignore him.

I’m too broken, I think.

My fingers bleed from the shards of my broken heart.

I’ve done too much.

Nothing can fix me, not even you.

Give me the pieces. Give me all of them.

Every scar, every shard,

all the weight that you carry, all the things that burden you, that afflict you,

that cause you to question who you are and who I am.

Give them to me.

Give me your faults, your insecurities, your imperfections,

your fears, your doubts,

Give it all to me and be healed.

I am the one who created you.

I am the one the wind and the seas obey.

I am the one who cleanses lepers, gives the blind their sight, and raises the dead.

I am the one who went to the cross for you, who took on Satan and sin–

and defeated them both.

There is nothing–nothing–to great that I can’t handle.

So give me your pieces.

Trust me with your broken heart because when you do, I can make you whole.

I can give you a new life, much greater than your old and shattered heart.

I can bind you up so that nothing,

no power of evil,

no darkness,

and even Satan himself cannot break you.

I can turn your brokenness into something great for my glory.

Because I am the one who heals the shattered hearts.
I am the one who binds your wounds.

So give me your pieces.

Thank you for reading!! God bless!!

–Krystal 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Give Me the Pieces”

  1. Bless you Krystal. Yes, God is the only one who can heal our brokenness and fix our broken hearts. I, too, have been broken and I have witnessed, first hand, Jesus piecing my life back together, bit by bit.
    I love your poem! ❤️
    Have a great day
    Hayley 😊


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