From Ragdolls to Treasure: God’s Love for Us

I am a sinner.

There I said it. You can say it too. We are all sinners, and no matter how hard we try to burry our heads in the sand and forget it, the fact still remains. We are sinners. Nasty, dirty, soiled sinners.

The sad thing is that I love my sin. I have tried to hate it, but somehow Satan makes it look so enticing and so inviting that I allow it to corrupt my soul. We can pretend that we are perfect people all we want, but the truth is our human nature is to reach for that forbidden fruit. I say I’m not going to do it again, and I don’t for a while, but sometimes I fall back into old habits, and curse myself for ever listening to that blasted serpent. And the sin that I love so much leaves me feeling empty and alone.

But Jesus. Praise God He doesn’t leave us that way. He goes into the mess, into the dirtiness and lifts us up. He places crowns on our heads and considers us to be his sons and daughters. Even as I continue to fall into temptation time and time again, like a record on repeat, God with his abundant love still picks me back up again.

Praise God that His love for us isn’t defined by what we do, but by who He is.

But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. –Romans 5:8

I am the Prodigal Son, who chose pleasure over his Father.

I am the Woman at the well, who was empty and needed the Messiah to give her life.

I am the Leper, an outcast who cried for healing.

I am the blind Man, who needed to see the light.

I am Adam and Eve, who chose pride over their Lord.

I am Judas, the man that betrayed the Savior of the world.

I am a sinner. But God loves me anyway. God’s love for me is so vast and so wide that I will never be able to understand it, nor will I ever deserve it.

I think John Ortberg in Love Beyond Reason writes it best,

“There is such a love, a love that creates value in what is loved. There is a love that turns rag dolls into priceless treasures. There is a love that fastens itself onto ragged little creatures, for reasons that no one could ever quite figure out, and makes them precious and valued beyond calculation. This is love beyond reason. This is the love of God.”

I don’t know where you are in your spiritual journey. Maybe you have just became a Christian, maybe you have been a Christian several years but are struggling with sin, or maybe you aren’t a follower of Christ at all–whatever the case may be, I want to tell you that your sin, whatever sin it is, does not define you, even though it may feel like it. God wants to deliver you from the darkness and dirtiness of your sin, if you just call out to him.

You might be a ragdoll, but God wants to turn you into treasure. I pray that you will let him.


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