Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President,

First and foremost, I want to say congratulations on your win last night. I want to say congratulations on going through several gruesome, backbiting months of the craziness of a presidential campaign, and then  for the American people to actually vote and select you to be the next President of the United States? Congratulations.

Next,  I want to let you know I am praying for you. I am praying for you fervently and without ceasing. The Bible reminds us how important it is to pray for our leaders, so now as the upcoming leader of our nation, I pray for you.

I pray that you have not only a leader’s mind, but also a servant’s heart. I pray that you stick up for the burdened and trodden, that you don’t forget about those who are smaller than you. I pray that no matter what that you lay your ego of being “The Leader of the Free World” aside and assume the position of a lowly beggar. The only way to properly and effectively lead someone is to serve them. As the upcoming President, you have now been chosen to serve the American people. I pray that you are always grateful for the position that has been bestowed on you. You have been given that position gracefully by the citizens of the United States, and to be honest, we will not question before taking it away from you. Four years really is not that long, right?

I pray that you are a fair leader. My God above is a just and righteous ruler who judges his people fairly, and I pray, Mr. President that you will also do the same. I pray that you will remember to not only rely on emotions (which are important because they allow us to feel) but that you think with your mind. That you will use reason to make you make judgments and think clearly about policies.

I also pray that you will always be kind. No, kindness does not equate being a doormat and allowing everything and everyone to walk all over you. No, kindness is a temperament. It is realizing that despite the fact that people might disagree with you, you still see them as people. I fully believe you should always stand for America and never concede in order to play nice, but I pray that you will  be kind .

Above all else, I pray that you remember to always seek the will of the Father. God has blessed the United States of America abundantly, even when we didn’t deserve it, and we must always remember that. God cares about what happens to the United States.  I pray that you will consider him in all things that you do. When you meet with foreign leaders, when you make policies, when you sign bills, I pray that you will remember to align with the will of God because his plan is greater than all your plans.

You might be the upcoming President of the United States, but Jesus is the Lord of Lords, the Savior of all mankind, the King of the world.

I pray that your time in office will be honoring and glorifying to God. And Mr. President, as I pray for you, I pray that you are praying for the American people too.




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