World’s Worst Blogger: My Journey in the Blogging Community

I am probably the world’s worst blogger.

Before you go on and say, “No, Krystal, you can’t possibly be that bad,” let me explain.

This is my fourth blog. Now, I hope you won’t judge me and think that I’m one of those can’t stick with anything (quitter) type of girl because I’m not. I have loved blogging. All of my experiences with blogging have been wonderful. I’ve had three blogs before this because of God.

My first and second blogs I barely remember because I started them in high school and only had them for about a week. The third one, which is much more recent, I had for about  three months. Nerdy is Beautiful was a book blog meant for reviewing and talking about books. And I loved it, especially when I started to gain followers. However, the awesome thing about God is that when you get too prideful, He will humble you.

Through the midst of it, something didn’t feel right. I felt like God didn’t want me to be doing it. I can’t really describe it, but I knew I wasn’t using my gifts to the best of my ability to benefit the Kingdom of God and hopefully lead others to His Son. With a lot of prayer, I decided to follow the Holy Spirit and delete the others and start this one.

So, I can’t promise you this will be the best blog you’ve ever read. I can guarantee you it’s not (and if it is, you probably want to read more blogs). I’m just a servant to my King, and I pray that it is everything He wants it to be.



P.S. Thank you so much for reading!! I’m still pretty new to blogging (in general), especially about my faith, so bare with me! I hope you have a great day! God bless!


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